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I'll add some pictures, links, and other stuff here shortly, but for now, here is my compilation of Vienna Teng song origination notes/stories. Please use the contact link below for any commends/additions etc.

Here are some other random Vienna links.

TengBase - Beta version
I've upgraded this to the Beta version (FWIW :D). You can now do some simple searches through the database in addition to printing a calendar of known shows. And as always, you can add your own show information, pictures, and reviews. Remember, you can't search it if it's not here to begin with! :>

Enter a year and optionally a month and day in the box(es) below - click go and find information on Vienna's gigs that year or month or day (at least for the ones currently in my database). You can enter a specific date or click on any date in the displayed calendar to add information for a new show not currently in the database.

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